VHS Workshop • Pink Umbrella Challenge

On the second day of my photography workshop we started another team approach, named the „Pink Umbrella Challenge“. The main subject was – you name it – a pink umbrella. We swarmed out to the city in teams of two or three, each group equipped with an umbrella, some cameras and a lot of creativity.

VHS Workshop May 2015

As last year the first expedition of my VHS workshop on urban photography led us to the Bonn city hall, a block of concrete and glas build in the late 70s. It dominates the Bonn skyline in a rather bulky way and is usually referred to as „hässlich“ (which simply translates into ugly). Anyway it was a perfect start for the weekend and the variety of images the participants of the workshop delivered still amazes me. So here is a first collection. Thanks to all who made this weekend a creative explosion!

VHS workshop • „Urban Art“

The workshop in September is some weeks ago and the next one is already in planning (May 9 & 10). One of the challenges on the second day was to look for artwork in the city and find unusual perspectives. Here are some of the great results.

VHS Workshop • second day

On Sunday the weather was … dreary, to say it politely. But we made the best out of it and highlighted on the most suitable accessoire for a day like that: umbrellas.

VHS workshop • first day

We had a great time on the first day of our photography workshop at the VHS-Bonn. As a first task we went to the Stadthaus, a rather ugly 70s building that is much disputed in local politics. However, we found a number of interesting perspectives. Some of the pics I like most are listed below, with photo credits on the right. I’m looking forward to tomorrow.  

„StattAnsichten“ • VHS Bonn (German only, sorry!)

Am 20. und 21. September dieses Jahres biete ich einen Fotografiekurs an der VHS-Bonn an. Nähere Infos und die Möglichkeit zur Anmeldung findet ihr auf der VHS-Website  unter folgendem Link: https://www.vhs-bonn.de/programm-anmeldung/statt-ansichten-fotokurs-fuer-anfaenger-und-fortgeschrittene-n6910.